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It takes 21 days to break a habit. It takes 90 days to form a lifestyle.
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Get In Shape With Our Excellent Fitness Classes

If you're looking for a dramatic gain in fitness, then join 21/90 Fitness today! We practice functional fitness, which means that our workouts are high-impact and take the benefits of a variety of different exercise programs, including gymnastics, weightlifting, running, and more. We'll help you maximize the intensity of your workout to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle that much faster. 
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Achieve Astounding Results

Along with our functional fitness program, you can also significantly improve your workout results by implementing a healthy nutrition plan. Our trainers can provide healthy pointers regarding your diet, but we are not nutritional advisers. We will always help encourage you to make the right choices in your diet so that you can accomplish the most out of your functional fitness exercise program. 
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Personalized Fitness Classes

We know that you have a busy schedule, so we offer our functional fitness workout in every class at various times each day to better accommodate your needs. Every class we run will have at least one trainer and will generally contain no more than 10-12 members, ensuring that you receive personalized attention with every workout. 

Our classes are perfect for individuals of any age and any fitness level! Check out our membership plans to see which option will suit you best!
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